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This collection contains a selection of content from NG Education about hurricanes. Use search to find more.

Hurricanes, or cyclones, are a type of extreme weather. Hurricanes are giant, spiraling tropical storms. They include strong winds of over 257 kilometers per hour (160 miles per hour). They also include heavy rains and can drop more than 9 trillion litres (2.4 trillion gallons) of rain a day.

Photograph courtesy NASA/GSFC

Latest Updates for hurricanes

Mapping Extreme Natural Events

Mapping Extreme Natural Events

Students use an interactive natural hazards map to construct their own maps of extreme natural events by United States region. ...

Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall in Louisiana

Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall in Louisiana

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall at 6:10 a.m. in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

2005 Hurricane Season

2005 Hurricane Season

Map traces a stormy season.

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