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How to join the Geo-Educator Community

Photo: I am a Geo-Educator board signature board.

Photograph by National Geographic Education

There are many ways to join the Geo-Educator Community.

Geo-educators can join the community through a variety of online platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the secure educator site, Edmodo. If you want to join the community but prefer to do so offline, you can sign up for our newsletter, and we will keep you updated about our in-person community events happening around the U.S.

Join the conversation by proclaiming yourself a #geoeducator on any of our community platforms:

What is a Geo-Educator?

If you are passionate about helping your students understand our interconnected world, then you are a geo-educator.

I’m a Geo-Educator

I’m a Geo-Educator

National Geographic defines a geo-educator as an educator working to improve young people’s understanding of the world.