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In the Wild with Joel Sartore

This collection contains a selection of content from NG Education about topics related to a National Geographic Live! speaker event. Use search to find more.

Photograph by Joel Sartore
Speaker Joel Sartore, PhotographerBest known for his photographs of wildlife, particularly endangered species, Joel Sartore wields his camera in the battle to conserve natural spaces and the habitats they support. Of his 30-plus stories for National Geographic magazine, several have made an indelible mark on the places and animals the articles chronicle. Sartore’s March 2000 National Geographic cover story—“Madidi: Will Bolivia Drown Its New National Park?”—helped convince the Bolivian government to abandon its plans to build a large-scale hydroelectric dam that would have submerged a large portion of pristine forest. A favorite among National Geographic presenters, Sartore’s entertaining presentations blend humor with powerful conservation messages and award-winning photography of wildlife and the places they inhabit.Find out more about the NG Live! Event: In the Wild with Joel Sartore.

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