• On March 15, 1813, John Snow was born in York, England. In 1854, Snow, a doctor, was the first person to use the geographic method to keep track of the streets where people were getting cholera, a deadly disease. Because of his map, which marked exactly where people were sick, people deduced that a contaminated water pump caused the cholera outbreak.

    Snow is considered the father of epidemiology, the study of the “patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations.”

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    cholera Noun

    infectious, sometimes fatal disease that harms the intestines.

    contaminate Verb

    to poison or make hazardous.

    deduce Verb

    to reach a conclusion based on clues or evidence.

    disease Noun

    a harmful condition of a body part or organ.

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