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Photographs by: (top row, left to right) National Geographic Education; Jon Ross Photography; Avi Klapfer. (bottom row, left to right) Jackie Karsten, National Geographic; National Geographic Education; National Geographic Education; Ann Jaskolski.

An Integrated Approach to STEM

National Geographic Education's STEM resources are multidisciplinary and integrate subjects beyond science, technology, engineering, and math to include critical thinking, problem-solving, and 21st century skills.

STEM and Geo-Literacy

The combination of STEM knowledge with geo-literacy—the ability to make decisions based on an understanding of the systems and connections in the world—prepares students to prosper in the 21st century technology-based economy.


Since 1888, National Geographic has supported exploration and discovery through scientific fieldwork with cutting-edge technology.


Critical thinking and problem solving are key STEM skills for the engineering and design work that supports our groundbreaking scientific fieldwork and expeditions.


Users of geographic information systems (GIS) can identify patterns and relationships in data.


Communication and collaboration are critical for exploration, fieldwork, and in STEM careers.

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STEM + Geo-Literacy

  • Illustration: girl doing geography project


    Explore our geo-literacy collection to find out how—together—geo-literacy and STEM education are working to ensure students are prepared to succeed in the 21st century technology-based economy.

Featured Collections

View our robust collections of STEM-related content, including multimedia activities, reference, and more.

STEM Careers

STEM skills are needed in more fields than you may realize.

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