• You have to be in shape to be an astronaut! In space, astronauts’ bodies can lose strength and make them feel weak when they get back to Earth.
    Watch this video to learn how astronauts work out, and how you can exercise like an astronaut using equipment in your school, gym, or home.
    • Astronauts use a TVIS (Treadmill Vibration Isolation System) to increase their endurance, so they can work for longer periods of time without feeling weak. On Earth, we can go running or use a treadmill.
    • Astronauts use an ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device) to build strong muscles. Back on Earth, we can lift weights or use weightlifting machines.
    • Astronauts ride a CVIS (Cycle-Ergometer Vibration Isolation System), an unusual stationary bicycle, to help improve their cardio (heart) health. On Earth, we can go for a bike ride or use a regular stationary bike.
  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    astronaut Noun

    person who takes part in space flights.

    endurance Noun

    ability to accept and deal with hardship.

    gravity Noun

    physical force by which objects attract, or pull toward, each other.

    International Space Station (ISS) Noun

    satellite in low-Earth orbit that houses several astronauts for months at a time.

    satellite Noun

    object that orbits around something else. Satellites can be natural, like moons, or made by people.

    space walk Noun

    physical activity outside a spacecraft in orbit.

    technology Noun

    the science of using tools and complex machines to make human life easier or more profitable.

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