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Partner National Geographic Kids

  • Travel around the world with your robot guide, Ovie. Visit explorers and photographers who need help solving challenges they are facing in the field.


    On your mission, you'll help put a camera on a shark of the coast of South Africa, balance a trailer in Romania, and transport cameras across canyons. Using science and math is the key to solving these challenges.


    Do you have what it takes to be an explorer?


    ​Fun Extras

    Build hands-on solutions to real-world challenges that explorers face in the field in the Engineering Exploration Challenge.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    axle Noun

    horizontal bar connecting wheels on a vehicle.

    center of mass Noun

    point where an object appears "balanced," where an outside force acting on the object acts as if the object were located at just that point.

    distort Verb

    to deform or misrepresent.

    energy Noun

    capacity to do work.

    equilibrium Noun

    point where pushing forces and pulling forces are in balance.

    force Noun

    power or energy that activates movement.

    formula Noun

    a general fact or rule expressed in letters and symbols.

    physics Noun

    study of the physical processes of the universe, especially the interaction of matter and energy.

    refraction Noun

    seeming bending of light by liquids, solids, or gases.

    wheel Noun

    rotating circular device used in a wide variety of tools and machinery.

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