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Travel with Wild Chronicles to Lancaster, California, to meet a special breed of firefighter that takes to the skies. These fire-bombing pilots are tasked with keeping raging wildfires in check from the air. Steep terrain and blinding smoke make this job a life-threatening challenge, but when the alarm sounds, these pilots are ready to fly into action.



The air tankers and their crews are alerted to a fire in the San Gabriel Mountains. What caused the fire?

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A hiker burned toilet paper, and the fire got out of control.


Fighting wildfires from the air is a dangerous job. How many pilots and other air tanker personnel have been killed in the line of duty?

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More than 100,000 firefighters have died in the line of duty.


What is a firewall?

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A firewall is an area of land that has been intentionally burned by firefighters. This burned area cuts fuel and prevents the spread of a wildfire past that point.


Does the firebreak in the San Gabriel fire work?

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No. Winds carry burning embers past the firebreak.


How is the wildfire eventually put out?

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A strong front of cool, moist air forces the fire to die out naturally.

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Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry



person who works to control and put out fires.



topographic features of an area.



uncontrolled fire that happens in a rural or sparsely populated area.


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