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Program NG Live

  • This video was filmed on Thursday, June 14th at the 2012 National Geographic Explorers Symposium at National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C.


    National Geographic Emerging Explorer and cyborg anthropologist Amber Case studies how the interaction between humans and computers is changing the way we think, act, and understand our world. As an anthropologist, Case observes an increasingly symbiotic relationship between people and technology. In an age when virtually everyone uses mobile phones and computers to communicate, work, learn, and play, the entire world is her field site.


    • What is a cyborg? (start-2:12 min.)
    • How evolving tools change human interaction with the world (2:13-3:30 min.)
    • Studying cyborg anthropology (3:31-4:15 min.)
    • Creating physical manifestations of data: a literal Facebook "wall" (4:16-5:54 min.)
    • Using technology as a tool to "amplify yourself" (5:55-7:34 min.)
    • Where does the future come from? Example: Google goggles (7:35-9:29 min.)
    • How technology influences human decision-making (9:30-13:36 min.)

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    behavior Noun

    anything an organism does involving action or response to stimulation.

    cultural anthropology Noun

    study of the learned behavior of groups of people in specific environments.

    Emerging Explorer Noun

    an adventurer, scientist, innovator, or storyteller recognized by National Geographic for their visionary work while still early in their careers.

    field work Noun

    scientific studies done outside of a lab, classroom, or office.

    Encyclopedic Entry: field work
    geospatial Adjective

    having to do with geography and location.

    mobile technology Noun

    tools that are not dependent on a fixed location or set of machinery.

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