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Illicit: The Dark Trade Education

Learn how Illegal Trade Affects the World Economy

Photo: Sign says Genuine Fake Watches

Photograph by Vera Karki, My Shot

National Geographic's television special Illicit: The Dark Trade explores the onslaught of illicit activities exploding worldwide and the consequences of globalization—from arms trafficking and human smuggling to money laundering and music bootlegging.

Get activities and maps to help your students understand how illegal trade affects the world economy.


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Illicit: The Dark Trade

Illicit: The Dark Trade

This television special explores illicit activities worldwide and the consequences of globalization.


Counterfeiting Seizure

Find maps showing seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods by year.

Illegal Wildlife Trade

National Geographic Magazine

Wildlife is traded—legally or illegally—for its meat, fur, skin, ornamental value, as a pet, or as an ingredient in perfume or medicine. Read this 2010 exposé of the world's most notorious wildlife dealer.

Nat Geo Wild Video

Watch a video that details the illegal trade of the endangered spiny anteater in Thailand.