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Get ideas for how to be prepared, stay safe, and help others stay safe too.

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Prepare for Natural Disasters

Find out what forces of nature are most likely to strike your community. Then, with your family, discuss how to prepare for natural disasters and how your family could respond to the natural disasters you may face in your community. Share what you learn with other people in the community.

Make a Kit

Prepare for disasters by making a family disaster kit and creating a family disaster plan. Hold a disaster drill to make sure everyone knows what to do.

Discuss Safety

As a family, discuss the importance of safety when exploring the community. Always tell your family what you'll be doing and where you plan to go.

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Create a Plan

Talk with your family members about how you can find one another if you become lost. Make sure everyone knows how to phone home, call emergency numbers, and find their way home.

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Raise Money

The next time a disaster appears in the news, hold a bake sale, yard sale, or carwash to raise money for relief efforts.