Photograph by Patricia Norris

No matter where you live, gather friends and family and enjoy some time outdoors! Begin an outdoor project, like planting a garden, that will keep you in touch with nature for seasons to come.

More Ideas Like This

Picture of monarchs.

Help Monarch Butterflies

Create a way station, grow milkweed, or even raise them from eggs.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Give clues based on the cardinal points. If you don't have a compass, remember, sunrise happens in the east. Sunset happens in the west.

Picture of a woman photographing plants.

Photograph Nature

Keep a camera handy for impromptu photography sessions and bring your camera along when you visit the park and other community locations. You can even take photos of the treasures right in your backyard. Keep a scrapbook of photographs taken around town and share them with out-of-town guests who want to learn more about your community.

Picture of a tomato.

Plant a Garden

Plant a garden of flowers, vegetables, or plants for your family. You can do this in your yard, on your balcony, or even inside!

Picture of leaves.

Investigate Growing Conditions

Explore your neighborhood to see what types of plants grow in different conditions, for example, shade versus sun or dry versus wet.

Soil Conditions

Dig up some soil from a few different areas in your neighborhood. Use the soil to plant and grow the same type of small potted plant. Which plant grows the best? What does this tell you about the different soil?

Explore Biodiversity

As a family, discuss the importance of biodiversity. Spend time outdoors together observing wildlife. Keep a family field notebook in which you record your family's animal and plant observations during weekly or monthly nature walks.

Map Your Neighborhood

Create a map for visitors that shows your favorite neighborhood places to play and explore. Add photographs or drawings to your map.