Picture of pink flowers against green stalks, all under a tree trunk.

Photograph by Charcrit Boonsom, MyShot

Get ideas for how you can "go green" in your home, school, or community. Go beyond recycling and turning off lights—really work to make a difference.

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Picture of water running out of a faucet.

Research Your Local Water Supply

How do the people who live upstream behave? Are they aware of those downstream, or do they contaminate the water? Do you do things that might pollute water for others? What are some steps your family could take to minimize its impact on air and water quality?

Picture of a turtle in a net.

Beach Pick-Up

Clean up an ocean beach or the beach of a lake or pond.

Picture of shoes and flowers.


Instead of throwing away items such as margarine tubs, jelly jars, or milk cartons, think of other uses for them, like pots for house plants.

Picture of vegetables in Stuttgart.

Shop Locally

Encourage your family to shop locally. Always bring reusable shopping bags to stores.

Picture of laundry hanging outside.

Donate Things

Collect things you no longer use and clothes you've outgrown. Give them to charity.

Picture of a shower.

Conserve Water

Research ways to save water, such as watering the lawn early in the morning or late in the day, using drip irrigation, and using a bucket instead of a hose to wash the car.

Picture of pink and green ropes.

Creative Wrapping

During the holidays, recycle wrapping paper and ribbons. You can also wrap presents in the comics section of the newspaper.

Picture of a lightbulb.

Use Fluoresenct Lightbulbs

When traditional lightbulbs burn out, replace them with compact fluorescent lightbulbs.