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The Geo-Educator Community

A Community for Educators Committed to Teaching About Our World

Teaching Students About the World

We live in an interconnected world. Now more than ever, our decisions have global implications. No matter what you teach or where, chances are, you are teaching your students about our world.

Do you help your students...
     ...appreciate new cultures, new perspectives, or new languages?
     ...think about how their decisions affect the lives of people, animals, and environments?
     ...understand how human and natural systems function and interact?
     ...think globally and act locally?

You’re not alone!

A Growing Community

National Geographic is fostering a community of educators like you, because we know that the best learning happens collaboratively. We have created a space, started the conversation, and regularly feature some of the brightest geo-education ideas we hear about. But, our joint mission has just begun.

More students must be given this opportunity to be inspired and encouraged about our world—and that is up to you. You have incredible ideas and inspiring stories, and you can help reach across disciplines to make geo-education a reality for young minds near you.

How to Participate

Through a combination of face-to-face and online activities, you can connect and collaborate on projects; access world-class instructional materials from National Geographic and other sources; give and receive support from other educators facing the same day-to-day challenges; and share successes and inspirations. 

Explore the Geo-Educator Community:

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About the Community

What is Geo-Education?

National Geographic has adopted a new term to describe in-school and out-of-school learning experiences where students learn about how the world works. We call it geo-education. Geo-education is a mindset that anyone can act on. Click here to learn more about geo-education.

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