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Engineering Exploration Challenge

The 2015 Engineering Exploration Challenge

The Engineering Exploration Challenge is back! Coming May 1, 2015, a new Challenge will be available for students ages 6-18 worldwide to participate in. Bookmark this page and check back soon for more information.

Gear up for this year's Challenge by designing, building, and testing solutions to last year's challenges.

Choose Your Challenge

Challenge 1: Animal-Proofing

Challenge 1: Animal-Proofing

How do you keep a camera safe from the jaws and paws of animals? Design, build, and test a camera that can withstand an attack from an animal.

Challenge 2: Eye in the Sky

Challenge 2: Eye in the Sky

How do you get a camera up high while you stay low? Design, build, and test a system that can raise a camera at least 10 feet in the air and get the camera back down safely.

Challenge 3: Wearable Power

Challenge 3: Wearable Power

How do you power electronics in the field? Design, build, and test a wearable way to generate 1 watt of electricity without the help of an electrical outlet.

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It's Back!

More information on the 2015 Engineering Exploration Challenge is coming May 1!

See Last Year's Results

See some of the innovative solutions submitted by kids to the 2014 National Geographic Kids Engineering Exploration Challenge by watching our Google+ Hangout. Students discuss their solutions with National Geographic explorers and engineers.

Check out this video of the Hangout

Where Do I Start?

Use the engineering process to think through and successfully solve the challenges.


Ovie's Engineering Challenge

Ovie's Engineering Challenge

Help explorers by using math and science skills to solve challenges they face in the field.