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Geography Awareness Week Toolkit

Everything you need to plan and promote your local event

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Help celebrate geography worldwide by planning events in your own community, school, or neighborhood. On this page, find tools to plan Geography Awareness Week events, organize geography outreach in your local community, and guide students in ways to document their experiences.

We want to hear about your event! Once it’s over, please take our survey to tell us how it went.

Tools for Planning and Promotion

  • Photo: National Geographic Education Staff at Family Geography night.

    Plan an Event

    From visiting your local representatives to hosting a Geography Day at your school, spread geography awareness this year with an event!

  • Promote GeoWeek

    Spread geography awareness this year with downloadable desktop wallpapers, social media suggestions, or even a letter to the editor of your local paper!

Celebrate GIS Day!

GIS Day falls on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week every year. Go to GISDay.com for free materials, a map of events taking place near you, and ideas for planning your own event. You can even register your event and receive free supplies to give away!

Main About ToolKit

Geography Awareness Week

Get everything you need to plan and promote your local GeoWeek.

Join the Movement

Ask your elected officials to support funding for geography education.

Speak Up Now! »

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    Find a volunteer GeoMentor who can help your students connect their geographic learning to the real world.