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Center for Geo-Education

The Education Portal is developed by National Geographic's Center for Geo-Education. As the educational outreach arm of National Geographic, the Center for Geo-Education brings the Society's spirit of exploration and adventure to our goal of educating young people about their world.

Our Mission

In the modern world, every member of society will face decisions throughout their lives that will require them to understand how our interconnected world works. Our current educational system is not providing young people with the understanding of their world that they will need to make those decisions well.

Our mission is to make sure that young people gain the understanding of their interconnected world that they will need to function effectively and act responsibly throughout their lives.

What We Do

In pursuit of our mission, the Center for Geo-Education conducts four types of activities for three audiences focused on critical learning goals:

Our Audiences

  • Learners: We offer inspiring and engaging educational experiences for young people in schools, homes, and other settings.
  • Educators: We provide instructional materials to teachers and other educators, and we offer them transformative professional development experiences.
  • Stakeholders: We work with parents, community members, and policy makers to build awareness of the importance of geo-education. We also provide support to those working to improve geo-education in their communities.

Our Activities

  • Materials development: We develop and disseminate instructional materials and learning resources for use in schools, homes, and other educational settings.
  • Professional development: We create and deliver programs that help teachers and other educators extend their professional knowledge and skills.
  • Messaging and community-building: We raise awareness about educational challenges and opportunities, and we recruit stakeholders to address them.
  • Capacity-building: We provide financial and technical assistance to organizations that share our mission in support of efforts to develop leadership and build organizational capacity.

Learning Goals

  • Our world’s web of connections
    Young people should understand how natural, social, and technological systems connect people and places, and they should understand how people's actions influence these systems.
  • The diversity of human perspectives
    Young people should understand that culture and viewpoint are shaped by place and time, and they should understand the importance of addressing differences in perspectives in human interactions.
  • Natural and cultural wonders
    Young people should understand the richness of nature and of human culture, and they should understand the importance of natural and cultural treasures to our well-being.
  • Decision-making and collaborative problem-solving
    Young people should know how to use evidence systemically to make decisions, and they should know how to bridge perspectives to address differences.

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What is Geo-Education?

To function in today’s interconnected world, every person must have a fundamental understanding of how our world works. National Geographic has adopted the term geo-education to describe the set of in-school and out-of-school experiences that teach young people how our interconnected world works and how to function effectively in it.

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