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Expanded Content Library

Available Now in Our Site

Our free online resources include content spanning science, social studies, geography, technology, and other subjects. The content is designed for modern classrooms and tech-savvy students, and currently includes:

Instructional Content

  • Activity ideas
  • Activities, lessons, and units aligned to national standards and principles
  • Teacher guides
  • Current-event connections
  • Professional development resources
  • Expert tips

Reference & News

  • Glossary of science, social studies, and geography terms
  • Encyclopedic entries
  • Student-friendly articles
  • Real-world career and explorer profiles
  • Collections of resources by topic
  • Geo-stories
  • Booklists


  • Educational interactives and games
  • Photos and photo galleries
  • Videos and video galleries
  • Illustrations, diagrams, and cartoons

Maps and Mapping

  • Customizable, black-and-white outline maps
  • An interactive map with thematic data layers
  • Kits for assembling large-scale maps of the world and its continents
  • Hi-res maps, satellite images, and GeoStories

Coming Soon

Below is a sampling of the types of content that will be available on the site in the near future, as well as exciting features to look for down the road:

Instructional Content

  • State standards alignments and curricula.


  • Website tutorials

Daily Content

  • Geography term of the day, mapping term of the day, geography quote of the day, and this day in geographic history

In Our Archives

NG Education periodically publishes collections that are tied to current global events, monthly or seasonal partner campaigns, or specific NG-related television programming. These collections are no longer actively maintained and updated, but still contain a wealth of resources and information for educators and learners interested in exploring further. You can find them in our Archived Collections page.

Users familiar with our former National Geographic Xpeditions site can now find that archived content in our natgeoed.org site via a filter on the search page labeled "Include archive."

You can also find past collections of Geography Awareness Week education resources by year in our Geography Awareness Week Archive collection.

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